Evolved Bodies is the very best in Personal Training and Massage Therapy.
Evolved Bodies is the very best in Personal Training and Massage Therapy.

What Others Say About John

"Joining Evolved Bodies’ Boot Camp is probably the best thing I have done for my health / to myself since I stopped playing b-ball 15 years ago. My goal was to get back into shape and lose a couple of pounds – the pounds you gain by sitting at your desk all day and getting home late. John Myers did more than that. Not only did I get back into shape – after one month of practice, I could run 5K without a problem. Not only did I lose a couple of pounds – in three seasons I lost 15 pounds and a couple of inches off my waist. With John’s exercises, I got my body toned and now I can actually see that I got muscles. Evolved Bodies changed the way that I think about how I treat my body, and that a healthy body is essential for a healthy and long life. Anybody can make a program with exercises, but John’s kind yet firm guidance and always inspiring attitude is what truly made me look forward to morning boot camp – rain or shine."

-Asif A. age 42

"John has a unique ability to mix up each training session to keep me interested and challenged.  Thanks to him and our work together I am in better shape at 51 than I was 20 years ago."

-Janet G. age 51

"I was a dancer for years, ran a marathon, pretty much always worked out one way or another.

Working out with John with focus on strength, balance and coordination is just fantastic. He gets it. 

Massage? Best ever, hands down!"

-Gerrit V.  age 50

"Before I started training with John at Evolved Bodies, I experienced constant stiffness with hardly no flexibility.

One year later..... and I'm more flexible than ever!!!!!"

-Rick G. age 55

"John is a master of the art of massage.  His strength and incorporation of innovative techniques that best suit a person's needs on a given day leave a person with a long lasting sense of well being."

John P. age 29

"I'm a Flamenco dancer and my training puts a lot of  strain on my body, especially on my legs and back.  After hours of rehearsal there is nothing better than a visist to John at Evolved Bodies for massage and I'm ready to go again. The stretching techinques I learned by John help me keep my muscles and joints in balance."

Marco M. age 45

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