Evolved Bodies is the very best in Personal Training and Massage Therapy.
Evolved Bodies is the very best in Personal Training and Massage Therapy.

Personal Training

One on One  Training - you receive individual attention to the assessment of your body's conditioning, required times of training per week, programing, correcting your form as you exercise and a timeline to reach your goal.  


Small Group training - usely between 3 to 5 person training in a a small class style envoriment. The classes are usually more cost effective than individual personal training, allows for some special attention to form and can be motivating when working with others.


Weight loss training - combining cardio, strength training and a nutriutional balancing to over haul the body's adaptation, increase fat loss and increase metabolism.


Sport-specific training - taking a given sport specific movement and breaking down each specific component of the movement to increase form, address weakness, flexibilty, strength, muscle delevopment, muscle recruitment and ease.  Improving a golfer's swing or back hand tennis swing are examples of sport-specific training.


elderly training - applying safe and elderly conscious exercises to address conditions that senoir face such  as stiffness, range of motion, balance, shortness of breathe and current/old injuries.


Rehab training - corrective exercises that have been prescribled by a doctor or physical therapist to be performed for a extended period of time to help you recover from a injury.  A personal training will make sure your perform the prescribed exercise with proper form as well as do other exercises to keep you moving and prevent muscle imbalance.


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