Evolved Bodies is the very best in Personal Training and Massage Therapy.
Evolved Bodies is the very best in Personal Training and Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy

Swedish - uses long broad strokes, with kneading, and circulator motions to promote relaxation, reduce pain and healing of the body. This massage works the superfical layers of the muscle with the use of oil or lotion.  Swedish is ideal for anyone who like lighter work or receiving a massage for the first time.


Deep Tissue - targets the deeper layer of muscle and connective tissue. The use of slower strokes, friction techinques across the grain of the muscle to free chronically tight or painful muscles, repetive strain, postural problems, or recovery from injury. Ideal for persons who experience a great deal of pshyical stress or enjoy deep massage.


Cranial Sacral - a very gentle therapy (pressure no more than the weight of a Nickel) that uses the skull and spinal colum to massage the bones, membranes and fluids that support and bathe your skull and spinal colum. The gentle manipulations may reduce tension and counteract any physical traumas you may have experienced.


Hot Stone - the therapist places warmed stones on certain areas of the body, such as acupressure points. The stones may be used as massage tools or be temporarily left in place as the heat penetrates adhesions/tight muscles. Used along with other massage techniques, hot stones can be quite soothing and relaxing as they transmit heat deep into the body.  Excellent for those who enjoy heat as well as the use of heat to open deep/chronic muscle tension.

Sports Massage - uses a combination of Swedish and Deep tissue strokes and can help you train better.  This massage can be performed before an event to help stimulate or warm-up an area for better performance or after and event to help recovery or remove waste product from over worked muscles.


Reflexology - involves manipulation of the feet, hands and ears that correspond to other parts of the body. Pressure is applied to specfic reflex zones to stimulate body organs and relieve areas of congestion. This techinque is used to reduce-pain, increase relaxation and stimulate circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. This therapy maybe useful with stress relatated illness or emotional disorders.


Shaistu/Accupressure - is finger pressure techinque utilizing traditional accupunture points.  Similar to accupressure, shaistu concentrates on unblocking the flow of life energy and restoring balance in meridians and organs to promote self-healing.  With the client reclining, the practitioner applies pressure with the finger, thumb, palm, elbow, or knee to specific zones on the skin located along the energy meridians.  The treatment brings about a sense of relaxation while stimulating blood and lymphatic flow. The benefits of this treatment may include pain relief and a strengthening of the body’s resistance to disease and disorder.

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